Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Codename UFA: How things happen.

Take a deck of cards.

Each player picks a suit (half-deck) or color (full deck).

Draw one card at a time.
When all figures are "Activated"

The player indicated may activate a figure, taking 2 or 3 actions depending on the card.

Karl ran across the open space, firing his pistols as he went.
As he came into the sights of the sniper, he flung himself forward, rolling into cover.

Aces allow an action to be taken by a figure that already acted (or will act later).

The gun slinger turned the corner, certain that he'd get the drop on the marksman busy firing at his friends.
To his dismay, as he stepped into view, he stared right into the barrel of a MK7 "Reciprocator" rifle.

Characters with particular skills can use any card to take a bonus action, even if all of your figures have activated already.

Seeing his opportunity, Zzh'krz leapt from the top of the building, his wings carrying him in a sustained glide.
In moments, he'd covered the span of the plaza, landing behind cover while the humans shot at each other ineffectually.

And lastly Leaders can stick a card aside, to give a bonus action when they activate.

"SHOOT YOU BASTARDS" she shouted.
"I want that Grark DEAD, I want its family DEAD, I want its nest burned to the ground!"

The Corporate Security troopers complied.
Facing an angry Grark was one thing, but facing the Captain was another altogether.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Codename UFA. Ways to play, ways to die.

Day 1 - We assemble two armies bought using a points system.

I field an army entirely from [faction erased by censors] while my opponent mixes things up a little, using troops from [faction erased by censors] with mercenary support and an attached [erased by censors] just because they had a mini sitting on the shelf that'd work really well.

The game is a straight-up pitched battle over a simple objective and stands alone complete.

Day 2 - We build two mercenary forces from a short list, then they fight using a mission table to give us the basic parameters.
It turns out we're both searching for valuable salvage and this world ain't big enough for both of us.

After the encounter between them, each figure earns experience points and progresses towards upgrades.
We even get a few new guns and weapons.

When we play in this way, our forces persist and develop over time.

Day 3 - A scifi story about a personal vendetta during a military option.
Assault troops from the [erased by censors] descend on the world of Cullin's Drift.

The first battle is a raid to knock out a communications bunker, but afterwards, the story tables direct us to a flashback episode. 

We write up younger versions of the main protagonists and play through their first meeting on the battlefield, years prior.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Codename UFA. What's this?

*A mysterious agent on the hunt for signs of alien infiltration.

*A squad of hard-bitten mercenaries clearing a section of enemy trench.

*Alien warriors clash in the ruins of a long-gone civilization.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

An Orc Too Far updates

The beta test continues.

We've gotten a ton of good feedback so it'll likely continue until the end of the month, maybe even a bit further.

The good news is that essentially, everything works more or less.
There are individual parts that need some tweaking and a lot of little, unclear parts that will get fixed up.
Formations in particular may end up changing dramatically or even being removed altogether.

We of course have the benefit of working from a core system that was already tested, so we just have to work with the fantasy chrome.

I am in two minds of whether I'll do a significant content update to the beta version.
There will probably be another add-on document to test out, with some war machine and monster traits, but that may be it as far as updating it before release.

The main reason is that with time being somewhat limited of course, I'd sooner spend that time working on the final release instead.

If there are components that people really want to see in the beta, let me know though, I might be judging it wrong.

Campaign rules will most likely be a tweak on the Scum of the Earth campaign rules but with some more "fantastical" chrome added of course.

Ditto for the "veteran battalion" rules.

I will do everything possible to make sure that a points system comes included but if it looks like it's release without it or don't release at all, well...

Lastly, anyone that wants to contribute a photo or two of their gaming tables, hit me up by email.
I'd love to feature your stuff.

Best wishes

New stomping grounds

Nordic Weasel Games will no longer associate with TMP.

I imagine most of my customers get their information either directly through war-game vault email, through this blog or Google +, so this will likely not impact you significantly.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Starport Scum expanded loot

Want more loot and goodies for your squad of space scoundrels? 
With this new mini supplement, you will have access to greatly expanded loot after your encounters, whether you are after gadgets, exotic gear, piles of credits or a chance for new story hooks.
The new tables simply slot into your existing game, without any complexity or difficult mechanics.

It is available for 1.49 and can be found here:

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fantasy races added to An Orc Too Far

Check your file section of the Vault, and you'll have some army-wide traits for a bunch of fantasy races to play with.

Go break the rules and let me know how they fare.

If you didn't grab "An Orc Too Far" yet, what are you waiting for? :)

Git 'er here!